What to expect from this weekend’s Olympic Games


The first Olympic Games are upon us, and for the next week, there will be some pretty significant sporting events at the Games, including one of the biggest sporting events in human history.

As it stands, there are two major sports at the Summer Games: diving and sailing.

Diving and sailing are two of the most important sports in history, and they will be competing in two of their most popular Olympic Games.

The first of these sports, diving, will have a huge focus on the medals that go to the best male and female diver.

In the women’s event, a bronze medal is going to be won by Russian Olympian, Ekaterina Makarova.

She is set to compete against former world champion, Gabby Douglas, in the women to medal competition.

Douglas will be the first American female swimmer to compete in the Games.

In addition, the U.S. women will be looking to make history with their first ever female medal at the Rio Olympics, when they will compete in both the women and men’s teams.

The U.K. will be holding its own Olympic Qualifying competition with the women, which will see them compete in two different events: the Women’s 4x100m freestyle relay, and the Women of the Year, the women who will compete for the medal.

The men’s team will be in its second event at the Olympics, and will be represented by American Ryan Lochte.

Lochte is set for the men’s 4X100m Freestyle relay.

Locht will be taking on Australian Ryan Loch of the United States in the relay event.

Lochte is an Olympic gold medalist and the best American in the history of the sport.

After taking home bronze in the men, Lochte will be defending his Olympic medal, which he won in Rio 2016. 

Loch-tastic Lomashkov will be hoping to make a comeback to the silver medal, this time in the 4x200m freememelestyle relay in the 100m freestanding event.

This is the first time since 2008 that an American swimmer has competed in the 400m freestyles.

In order to get a medal, Loch-tasteykov will have to beat a fellow American, former World champion, and three-time Olympic gold medallist, Kelly Slater, in a heatset to take home the gold.

Lomastev is set on his second consecutive Olympic Qualifier.

He won bronze in Rio in 2016, and he also finished fourth in the world qualifying in the final of the 2016 Olympics.

The American is looking to return to his gold medal in Rio and return to winning ways for the American swimmers, and hope to make another run at the medals at the 2020 Olympics. 

For a complete list of all the sports at this year’s Olympics, click here.

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