Why we need to save marine life


It’s not just a question of the sea: there are people, places, wildlife and the ocean itself that need to be protected.

What to do with the dead, the wounded and the homeless is one of the most urgent questions of our time, writes Dr David Dingle.

The answer is simple: the world is a bigger place, writes David Dicker.

And with the help of science and technology, we can begin to save a great deal of the life that lies in the ocean.

Dingle is the Associate Director of the National Institute of Marine Sciences (NIMS) in Melbourne and author of the forthcoming book, Saving Marine Life: The Science and the Politics of the World’s Most Important Resource.

He is also a journalist and the host of the Science, Public Policy and the Media Show on ABC Radio National.

In the first of a three-part series on marine life, the ABC’s Dr Dingle talks to author and marine biologist David Dinkle about what the world needs to know to protect it.

The story starts in a remote area in the Indian Ocean, on the Indonesian island of Flores.

It’s a little more than a mile away from the bustling, modern town of Muda and is known as the “marine life hub”.

But life on Flores is not a pretty place.

As a result, a group of marine scientists have started a group called the Marine Life Marine Biota Project to look for ways to protect the sea.

We’ve got a lot of data from the region but we haven’t had the same level of collaboration in the past, says Dingle, author of Saving Marine Live: The Story of the Ocean’s Most Endangered Species.

“This is an area where we know there’s a lot going on.

But we haven, for the first time, had a full team working on it.”

What you need to know about coral reef conservationWorldwide, coral reefs are vital to the health of our oceans.

They are vital habitats for some of the world’s most important marine species, including the blue whales, sharks and rays.

They are also important for the protection of fish and coral reefs.

But the reefs also play a crucial role in the world economy.

Over the past century, reefs have become a critical component of our marine environment.

Coral reefs provide a habitat for many species that rely on the sea for food, shelter and refuge.

For example, they are important for a variety of species that live in deep water.

When they are disturbed, they can be very fragile, as the coral bleeds and breaks off, leaving a toxic deposit behind.

If we don’t protect coral reefs, we’re doing it wrong, warns David Dimmer.

Our oceans are in serious danger.

With the help and investment of marine biologists, we have the tools and technology to protect them, he says.

Many of the species that thrive in the deep water of the Indian and Pacific Oceans are also threatened by human activities, including pollution, habitat destruction, overfishing, over-fishing and over-exploitation.

So, to protect these creatures and the reef, we need all the support we can get.

This is what we need.

What do you think?

How can we protect marine life?

The answers are on the map

life marina ibiza marine life map

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