How to make sure your reef aquarium is a safe haven for marine life


Posted August 10, 2018 10:08:17 When the sea turtle is swimming to the bottom of the ocean, he can easily drown in the murky water below.

But when a dolphin is swimming in a tank, the dolphin is safe from the sea turtles because the dolphin can’t swim in the water and he can’t breathe underwater.

But if the dolphin was swimming on land, that could lead to the turtle getting tangled up in the sea.

Now, researchers at the University of Florida and the University at Albany are proposing a way to make life a bit more safe for marine turtles and dolphins.

Their research is published in the journal Marine Biology Progress Series.

The research team, led by Dr. James A. Hensley, the director of the Florida Institute of Marine Science and a marine biologist, found that a dolphin and a turtle are similar in size and shape, so they might both need to stay at the bottom, the researchers said.

The dolphins have a better survival rate, and they also need to swim more slowly, the scientists said.

They suggest that dolphins and turtles should use a dolphin tank to keep them alive, but also to help them learn how to use the tank.

“A turtle can be taught to swim very quickly,” Hensleys said.

“It can swim up to 20 mph, but we’ve shown that when the turtle has been taught to go slower, he’s more likely to swim down to the sea floor to get away from the turtles.”

The research is part of a larger effort that Henskins and his colleagues are conducting to create an underwater habitat for marine animals, like the sea iguana and the bluefin tuna, so that they can learn to survive in the ocean.

“The turtle and dolphin have a common ancestor that lived in the same place, so we want to make the environment similar,” Hengsley said.

Scientists can help by teaching the turtles and dolphin to swim by using sound, a way that they might be able to identify each other, said Jennifer M. Stott, a marine ecologist and lead author of the study.

“In other words, if you can teach the turtles to hear each other’s sounds, you might be surprised by what you find out when you do it,” she said.

Researchers are also working on a new way to capture and hold fish in tanks that mimic the behavior of sea turtles.

They’re working on an underwater model to help create a model of the way fish swim, but they are also testing a method to make an artificial coral reef, which can mimic the way a coral reef fish moves underwater.

Hensleys and his co-authors are hoping that by using this new research, they’ll have a clearer picture of how to improve the lives of marine animals in captivity.

They plan to work on the underwater model, which will be made of plastic, to help guide the animals in their habitat.

“It will be a bit like walking a duck into a pond,” Hentsleys said, adding that this new approach will allow them to take a closer look at the behavior and the genetics of these animals.

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