What you need to know about the mac sea life (GSL)


Marine life is everywhere, and this infographic by the Smithsonian is a great place to get an idea of just how diverse this world is.

Here are the highlights of what we know about marine life in the Pacific.


How big is the Pacific Ocean?

About 4.8 million square kilometers.


How large is the Antarctic Ocean?


How far south is the ocean?

About 11,500 kilometres.


What is the North Atlantic?

It’s about 1,700 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle.


How many species are found in the Southern Ocean?

It has about 4,000 species.


What species are native to the Western Pacific Ocean (WAPO)?

It has some 4,300 species.


How do whales live?

The world’s largest whales are found only on the eastern side of the world’s most famous reef, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.


How does the coral reefs of the Atlantic Ocean affect the health of the coral?

The Great Barrier and Great Barrier Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority estimates that the health impacts of coral bleaching due to climate change are about $US400 billion per year.


How is the global food web managed?

The International Union for Conservation of Nature estimates that there are roughly 11 billion tonnes of food crops worldwide.

This includes livestock, crops, livestock feed, fisheries, and fisheries products.


Where do whales migrate?

There are about 20,000 humpback whales living off the coasts of Japan and Australia.


How long does it take for an orcas calf to grow to maturity?

About 12 months.


Where does the sperm whale come from?

They are a group of mammals that live in the sea.


How old is an average whale?

An average adult male whale can live up to 20 years.


What are the most common diseases in whales?

They have parasites and diseases that affect the nervous system, reproductive organs, and reproduction.


What happens to whales that die?

They decompose in the ocean and go into the sea, where they die.


What do whales eat?

Most whales eat squid, squid mussels, squid, and other crustaceans.


What does it taste like?

A whale will eat anything and everything.


How dangerous is it?

A calf caught by a whale can kill itself, though the whales usually catch it in the stomach.


What kinds of whale are there?

There aren’t many species of whale, but there are a few different types.

Some are called blue whales, and they live in oceanic areas and are among the most abundant species.

There are also a few smaller species called gray whales, which are not as common.


How often does a whale die?

About once every five years.


What type of food does a calf eat?

Whale flesh, including squid and crustacean parts, is a main source of protein in whales.

They also eat fish and crustacea.


What animals live on the ocean floor?

There is a lot of variety in marine life that live on land.

Some of the most familiar are sea turtles, sea lions, dolphins, octopuses, and many species found in other places.


What kind of life is there in the deep sea?

It is generally thought that the deepest part of the ocean is made up of water.

However, the depth at which ocean water can actually be found is much higher than that.

It is believed that the water that is deepest is at least 3.6 kilometres below the surface.

Scientists believe that the sea floor is about 15-20 kilometres deep.


What types of creatures are found at the bottom of the sea?

There’s a lot to discover about life on the sea bottom.

There’s more than 60 types of fish, including all kinds of fish that live below the ocean surface.

Some types of animals live in deep water and others live on bottom.

Some marine animals have an extremely high survival rate and some are highly resistant to diseases.


How did the oceans get from where they are today to where we are today?

The ocean is constantly changing and changing in such a way that it’s constantly being changed by the ocean.

In fact, we have been here since the dawn of time, but the ocean itself is only a part of it. 25.

What makes up the Great Lakes?

The water that flows into the Great Lake in Michigan is made of calcium carbonate.


What’s the biggest freshwater body in the world?

The largest freshwater body is the Great Salt Lake in Utah, the largest lake in the United States.

The largest saltwater body in North America is the Mississippi River in the US. 27.

What percentage of the land mass is freshwater?

About 70 percent of the earth’s land mass.


What part of Canada is

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