How to stop the next Arctic sea ice melt


Author: John Fagan, Jr. Title: How to Stop the Next Arctic Sea Ice Melt article Author title Why should we worry about an ice-free Arctic?

article Author summary This book gives you the key to preventing a large-scale ice-covering event and the other ways that we can help prevent it.

In the past several years, as global warming has intensified, we’ve seen dramatic increases in the number of polar bears.

We’ve seen the deaths of polar bear cubs and the death of polar calves.

We’re seeing record levels of sea ice loss in many areas of the Arctic Ocean.

These things happen when we don’t protect our coastal regions with sea ice.

And they also happen when the polar bear population grows.

We can’t just rely on the current level of global sea ice cover to keep us safe.

We need to do something about it.

This book takes you through a list of strategies that we know work, including reducing CO2 emissions from transportation, energy use, food production, manufacturing, and the industrial sector.

In addition to reducing carbon emissions, these strategies include: 1.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2050 and increasing efficiency and sustainability in agriculture by 40% by 2030.


Increasing energy efficiency by 25% by 2020 and 40% over the next decade.


Reductions in the use of petroleum by 70% by 2025 and 70% over 10 years by 2030 and 50% over 20 years by 2050.


Redesigning transportation and manufacturing practices in ways that are more sustainable and more effective, including energy efficiency, emissions reduction, and environmental stewardship.


Increasing investment in new research and development in the energy and environmental sectors.


Redoing energy infrastructure to ensure that it is more resilient to climate change.


Redeveloping and implementing a more efficient use of our limited natural resources to reduce our carbon footprint.


Creating and strengthening community-driven resilience in our coastal communities by promoting economic opportunity and building stronger communities.


Creating opportunities for local farmers and small-scale fishers to grow food in their own fields, and by improving agricultural efficiency.


Providing local communities with financial assistance to help them transition to new technologies and reduce their dependence on foreign oil.


Redirecting and increasing energy consumption by developing cleaner technologies such as solar power and biofuels.


Creating incentives to create jobs and support for young people to become farmers, small- and medium-scale producers, and professionals.


Provid[ing] the resources and support necessary to reduce carbon emissions and help our oceans recover and grow.


Promoting an increase in renewable energy and renewable energy efficiency and carbon capture and storage.


Redressing inequities that have arisen between the rich and poor and between communities of color, including through greater education and training for women and minority workers.


Promote public health by making it easier for people to travel and buy locally produced goods.


Provide more funding to help people transition to the new technologies, such as biofuel production and electric cars.


Strengthening public transportation systems, particularly public transit, to reduce dependence on oil-based transportation and build a more sustainable future.


Developing new and innovative solutions to climate-related threats like sea ice, rising sea levels, and acidification.


Supporting the creation of a regional clean energy economy and ensuring that the region is at the forefront of developing clean technologies.


Increasing the use and adoption of renewable energy, including wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, and biofuel.


Promising to develop a national clean energy strategy, including investments in clean energy infrastructure, and an ambitious clean energy investment plan.


Promoted the establishment of the United States Arctic Council and other international organizations to address the Arctic.

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