How to help save coral reefs with coral reef conservation tips


The world is in the midst of an epic coral bleaching event.

The phenomenon is due to climate change, and is already being seen in parts of the ocean, and in the Caribbean.

But the damage that the event is causing could become even more devastating.

A new study has found that if global warming continues unchecked, this event could be as big as 20 to 40 times worse than it was in the past, and could eventually wipe out entire coral reefs in the U.S. and Caribbean.

This week, scientists from the University of Miami and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute published a study in the journal Science that found that coral reefs around the world are already losing about 70 percent of their coral.

This could mean as many as one-third of the world’s coral reefs are now in danger of going extinct, the scientists said.

“It is quite a big loss for coral reefs worldwide,” said Richard Wiens, a professor of marine biology at the University, and a co-author of the study.

“We are seeing that there is already a loss of corals on an unprecedented scale.

It’s just a matter of time before we see a significant number of coral reefs go under.”

As coral reefs have shrunk in the tropics, the oceans have also become increasingly acidic, causing a decline in nutrients and oxygen that has been attributed to climate changes.

The researchers looked at the effects of climate change on the coral, which are vital for the health of corns, and also looked at other factors.

They found that corals’ ability to reproduce has decreased by as much as 75 percent over the past 40 years.

They also found that the loss of these animals has caused a major loss of oxygen, and they’ve lost about 10 percent of the oxygen they used to have.

“The oceans have been shrinking for a long time.

We don’t see much of a change in that,” Wiens said.

“That’s a big problem.”

Coral bleaching has been happening worldwide, but it’s been seen most recently in the Pacific.

The bleaching is a dramatic change in the ocean chemistry that can cause coral to lose its corals and even its coral skeletons, and can lead to the death of cornets.

The effects can be severe: A bleached coralline algae can be harmful to corals.

In the study, the researchers analyzed photos of corallines taken from the Caribbean Sea.

The corals in the photos were bleached to a point that it looked as if they had died.

This is when the researchers looked to see if there was any change in their behavior, as well as the size and shape of the corallin algae that live in the water.

The researchers found that there was, and it wasn’t a very noticeable change.

But the researchers also looked to understand the other effects that corallins could have.

They looked at how coral changes can cause corals to swim away from the reef, and how corals can use their power to navigate the water in order to survive.

The results showed that coralls are able to use their ability to swim and navigate to their surroundings to navigate, and their power of locomotion, which is used to pull themselves up in the air, to propel themselves around the coral.

Wiens said it’s quite a good study because it’s very clear that corally-induced bleaching was a major part of the process.

“If corals didn’t have these adaptations to survive in these conditions, we wouldn’t be talking about the bleaching at all,” Wien said.

Wien said it could be years before the effects become evident, but the study could help to reduce the impact.

“Coral reefs are an incredibly important part of our oceans, and we’re seeing a huge amount of change happening in them right now,” he said.

In order to save these corals, Wiens and his colleagues are looking to the ocean floor to get rid of coralls, and to create a buffer zone around the reefs.

Wiens told NPR that this might not be an easy task, but that it is possible.

“There’s no other way to do it than to get corallinos out of the way of coralling,” he added.

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